How to Select Designer Lehenga Choli as per Your Body Shape

India is a land of cultures and festivities, with festivals and occasions around every corner, from Navratri and Diwali to Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth, and weddings. Immerse yourself in the spirit of these festivities in one of the best traditional apparel, Lehenga Choli.

Designer Lehenga Choli
Lehenga choli is the classic traditional Indian women's clothing that is inextricably linked to Indian culture and values, and it is also one of the most popular wedding attires. The designer wedding lehenga choli is a magnificent piece of clothing that enhances the beauty of the Indian woman on their precious big day.

Shopping for a lehenga, either for a wedding or not, remains a thrilling experience for most of us. Many people will agree that a lehenga makes a female seem lovely like no other outfit, but an ill-fitting lehenga or one that doesn't suit your body shape might have the opposite effect. Thus, the secret to nailing your lehenga appearance is to select a lehenga that flatters your body type and style it correctly.

The latest designer lehenga choli patterns change every year to stay up with the market's newest trends. You now have hundreds of lehenga choli patterns, such as designer lehenga choli party wear, Bollywood designer lehenga choli, and many more. To choose the perfect one for you and your body type, you must first determine which body type you are.

Different Types of Body Shapes

If you don't know your body type, a detailed view of all the body types is needed to determine the perfect lehenga choli.


Apple Shape

If most of your weight is at the top, you might be an apple shape, V shape, or inverted. Also known as round or circle shape, apple-bodied individuals usually have a less-defined waist and curvy body.

Hourglass Shape

Women with hourglass bodies have a defined waist and a balanced hip to shoulder ratio. If you have an hourglass body, the universe of lehengas is your oyster.

Rectangle Shape

Rectangular-bodied women typically have a straighter torso than the rest when all measures are equally balanced. If you have a rectangle physique, commonly known as an H shape, you typically have an athletic and thin frame with no curves.

Pear Shape

Pear-shaped body types, also known as triangle body types, feature broad hips, often more expansive than their shoulders. Most people would describe you as having an A-shaped body: narrow on top, possibly with a reasonably flat chest, but heavy and curving hips and bottom.

Inverted Triangle

Women with an inverted triangle body have shoulders that are wider than their hips. An inverted triangle-shaped body is comparable to an apple-shaped body with larger shoulders, but the waist is narrower.

Choose a Perfect Lehenga Choli for Your Body Type

Apple Shape

A layered and flowy lehenga skirt is preferable if you have an apple-shaped or an inverted triangle physique. Bridal lehenga designs in softer and lighter materials with pastel colours will draw attention to your waist and make you appear stunning on your wedding day.

Choose larger necklines that do not draw attention to the upper body for the blouse's top. Choose a lighter fabric for the lehenga chunni, comparable to the skirt, and wear it as a veil or around your elbows rather than on your shoulders or over your throat, as this may make your upper body appear heavier than usual. This body type should wear a ruffled or flared lehenga with a jacket or peplum top.


Pear Shape

For Pear shape, put on a simple lehenga choli with a skirt composed of plain textiles that are pretty flowy. Because the blouse should be the focal point of the outfit, choose elaborately embroidered or brightly coloured blouses that showcase the attractiveness of your clavicles and arms.

Wearing a cape-like dupatta that isn't too heavy or prolonged highlights your upper body and makes your hips appear more prominent. Flared lehengas with a top-heavy pattern are ideal for this body type.

Rectangle Shape

Your main task is to create the illusion of curvature. A rectangular form is defined as having a proportionate upper-to-lower body ratio. We advocate an A-line design with many ghera to provide volume horizontally to the lehenga.

Blouses with higher necklines and cholis with long sleeves flatter your figure. You can also wear blouses with deep plunging necklines for an enormous bosom if you are secure enough. Even a lehenga made of a highly structured fabric, such as raw silk or taffeta, can suffice.

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass shapes are the easiest to dress because practically any outfit looks fantastic on them! A-line lehengas with flowy skirts of non-stiff fabric like Velvet or Chiffon complement your curves and are the ideal bridal lehengas cholis for an X-shaped or curved physique.




Make the best for you with limitless possibilities. Choose a short blouse that accentuates your waist and emphasises your top curves. You can wear any dupatta as long as it does not cover your waist.

You might experiment with different styles, such as the fishtail or a lehenga saree, which would look amazing on you. The new designer ruffle lehenga choli looks trendy and exciting for this body type.

How to style a Lehenga Choli

One of the aspects of choosing a lehenga choli is the cut of the lehenga. This will readily complement and provide a beautiful appearance. Here are a few considerations to assist you in selecting the ideal lehenga choli.


The Cut of the Lehenga

The first and most crucial consideration while purchasing a designer lehenga for yourself is the style and cut of the lehenga. Lehenga with broad flare and significant volume, several pleats towards the waist, and paired with a short-sleeved choli looks stunning. However, a lehenga choli's classic cut is mostly circular.

Modern designer lehenga choli comes in various sizes and cuts, and it is advisable to select a lehenga based on your body type.

Colour of the Lehenga

The clothing's colour combination is the next key element in lehenga and lehenga style sarees. Women with fair skin can wear dark and rich hues such as scarlet, vermillion, deep blue, deep green, maroon, black, etc.

Those with fair skin can dress in neutral colours such as pink, blue, pastel yellow, white, and beige. Women with a dark complexion can wear warm and rich colours such as orange, gold, brown, grey, and green. Women with dark undertones should wear light hues such as yellow and blue, pure red, and bright green.

Embroidery on the Lehenga

The embroidery and elaboration of the designer lehenga are factors to consider when selecting a designer lehenga. Although lavishly embroidered lehengas look regal and are ideal for the bride on her wedding day. It is best to avoid going overboard with embellishments.

Embroidery lehenga choli design

If you are not the bride, it is preferable to stick to simple and minimalistic embroidery or zari work that adds a sense of elegance and charm to the entire ensemble. You seem lovely and unique with stone, sequins, and zari work on the bodice and borders, light embroidery on the lehengas flares, and excellent designer bridal lehenga choli dupattas.

The Final Word

Keeping a unique and eye-catching aspect in your apparel is always essential to set you apart from the crowd, and the lehenga is no exception. You can create a distinct look by varying your lehenga design or clothing style. If you want to explore and own a designer lehenga choli online, look through various options and trends. Select from the best online stores that sell all gowns and offer you a variety of dresses at a reasonable price.