How To Select Your Wedding Lehenga Choli's Color- Different Wedding Themes And Outfits

Being a country of diverse religions and festivals, India can be elaborative with its affairs, especially Weddings! Every function and every festival calls for equally extravagant outfits. Lehenga Choli is a traditional wedding attire. Green lehenga for mehndi, yellow lehenga for haldi, pastel lehenga for reception; it is adorned by not just the bride but the bridesmaids too.

wedding lehenga choli

Over the years, we have seen the lehenga evolved, like many other attires. Now it is available in different fusions, be it from two different ethnic wear or indo-western elements. Lehenga and choli have reformed a lot. This blog will help you select your wedding lehenga in different type, style, color, and everything else. Read more to know the tips for selecting the perfect bridal lehenga.

1. How to Make the Right Choice Of Lehenga

Everyone thinks they know exactly what they want until they are standing in the shop with a variety of lehenga of different styles, colors, and designs laid out in front of them. Bridal shopping can be very overwhelming. You will find a variety of designers, styles, and options to choose from. Should you opt for pastel lehenga or settle for traditional red?  It will be hard to pick the perfect outfit for your big day. 

Due to the rush and excitement of wedding festivities and functions, brides are prone to make few mistakes during their bridal shopping. Here are few tips to keep in mind to avoid those mistakes and avoid any regrets for our D-Day.

  • Take Your Time and Research

Rushing to assort and buy outfits for the wedding functions right after the wedding date is finalized is a common mistake made by brides. This time-poor and frantic search for your perfect will lead you nowhere. Wait and do thorough research. Look for the latest trends, styles, and designs online before starting to visit the stores. Take a few suggestions from friends and family for some good leads. Get a perspective, get a clear idea of what you want to avoid confusion. Does the yellow lehenga match your style or do you want it just because it is in trend? Wait till you find the lehenga that matches your preference, style and wedding theme.

  • Remember the Budget

While a wedding is quite a one-time affair, especially with the grandiose vibes surrounding Indian weddings. People tend to spend a hefty amount of money over that one day. There might be a time where a bride is either tempted or compelled to spend a hefty sum on her wedding lehenga. It is often that brides are heartbroken over their wedding lehenga. They often get stuck to a designer lehenga way over their budget. Remember budgeting and be a smart shopper. Look for good deals and sales.

  • Know Your Body Type

hour glass type lehenga

Just because that one lehenga looked outstanding in the magazine does not mean it will look the same on you. Regardless of how vogue the design is, the lehenga might not exactly be your style. Different styles fit every body type differently. Be patient, and you will find the perfect attire that will accentuate your curves and hide your problem areas.

      1.RectangularIn a ruler or rectangular-shaped body, the bust, waist, and hips are equally small and petite. Avoid fabrics like chiffons or poly-crepes, or satins. It is better to pick fabrics that will add some curves to your frame. Fabrics like Tussar silk, Kosa silks, handloom silks are your best.

      2.Pear-shaped : Body shape with large hips and tiny buts will accentuate your curves. Flared, panel, or a-line lehengas with a flare from the waist are the best options if you have a heavier bottom and a curvy waistline.

     3.Inverted triangle : Also known as the apple-shaped body, the inverted triangle body style consists of a Larger bust than hips, undefined waist, round shoulders, smaller hips, and smaller legs and arms. Be conscious of your assets and choose a lehenga of a design and style that suits your body type.

     4.Hourglass : With Naturally round buttocks and well-defined bust lines with slightly rounded shoulders. Go for lehengas that are form-fitting from the waist and flare out from the knees.

    5.Oval shape : Brides with narrow hips and bust larger than the rest of the body and a fuller midsection. Opt for lehengas with vertical patterns and a higher waist to elongate your frame.


yellow lehenga choli

The color of the lehenga is an important factor to consider. Does the yellow lehenga go with your wedding theme? Whatever you choose, remember to check that it suits your wedding theme. From traditional red and maroon lehenga to pastel lehenga, you can choose from a combination of attractive colors. Choose a color that not only goes with the wedding theme but compliments your complexion.

  • Fitting and Trails

Pay attention to the fittings of the lehenga. Try the entire outfit before sticking it in your wardrobe. In case you think you have gotten skinnier or curvier, try the lehenga again 1–2 weeks before the big day and get the changes tailored to your size. Pay attention to the sleeves, skirt length, and dupatta.

2. Different Types of Wedding Lehenga

Here is a list of different types of lehenga with a broad array of styles, designs, hues, and patterns to choose from:

  • The A-line Lehenga

A-line lehenga choli

Like many others, this fashion trend has also made a comeback from our mother’s time back in the 70s and 80s. The a-line style was really popular then and now is again in vogue with its traditional design and modern pattern. It is the go-to lehenga for many brides, with its A-line lehenga choli cinches your waist, creating the illusion of a smaller waistline as it flares towards the bottom.

  • The Flared Lehenga

Popularly known as Gher, this lehenga is a classic design with its flared skirt. It gives your skirt volume and pleats. This type of skirt forms a complete and perfect circle when twirls around. They are usually of flowy material. With its broad skirt and conventional ethnic and stylish looks, flared lehenga is perfect for women with an hourglass figure.

  • Panelled Lehenga

This lehenga choli also consists of a flared skirt. The only difference being the classy panels attached to the end of the flare in this lehenga. These panels attached to the hemline increase the volume of flare and give a glamorous look to the contrasting design. It is best suited for hourglass, pear, and petite body shapes.

  • The Mermaid or Fishtail Style

The mermaid or fishtail lehenga brings a contemporary twist to the traditional design. The skirt of these lehengas hugs your waist and hips. This fishtail-like skirt is usually paired with a short-halter neck style blouse. It accentuates and flatters your curves. However, this stylish pattern is not for all body types. They are best suited for women with hourglass or rectangular figures.

  • The Straight-cut Lehenga

This is one of the most popular and common styles. They come in a variety of patterns and are suitable for all body types. Women who don’t like fluffs, pleats, or flare opts for straight-cut skirts. They are best paired with blouses of a crop top or shorter varieties.

  • The Sharara Lehenga

Conventionally shararas are not classified as lehengas, for they are stitched from the middle of the hem, like palazzo pants. But the broad flared look and makes them look like lehenga skirts. They are worn with Kurtis or low-flared Anarkali tops. Although not the most flaring for those with thinner legs and a small frame, They are suitable for all body types.

  • The Saree Lehenga

Saree Lehenga is similar and inspired by Pavadai, Langa Davani, or Langa Voni with their south Indian style of draping dupatta over the shoulder and around the waist. This contemporary look has a low flare A-line skirt with minimal work and dupattas that stand out. Women with hourglass, apple, or pear body types pull off this lehenga style like no other.

  • The Jacket Lehenga

Jacket style Lehenga choli

This latest style of jacket lehenga is comfortable, easy to carry and manage. This type of lehenga has a jacket instead of a dupatta which gives you relief from pinning up or holding dupattas. These jacket lehenga will make you  look more ravishing instead of looking over the top or clumsy. These are suitable for hourglass, inverted triangle, apple, and tall body structures.

  •  The Layered or Ruffled Lehenga

With a contemporary twist to skirts, these ruffled and layered skirts are a style statement and a popular choice for many women. The skirt is frilly and ruffled. It is lightweight and easy to carry. They are suitable for curvy women or women with an inverted triangle or rectangular shape body type.

  • The Mesh Lehenga

Mesh skirts are amongst the latest fashion trends currently. They are adored for their light and airy nature. They are available in a variety of prints and patterns like floral and embroidery. They give you a fluffier look; thus, women on the curvier side tend to avoid this mesh look. They look amazing on a slim and petite woman. 

This is for all brides-to-be your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, between the long list of overwhelming tasks from choosing the theme of the wedding, type of the lehenga to food, venue, and everything else. Dresstive aims to make your wedding easy and enjoyable by making one of these tasks easier for you by bringing a range of trendy lehengas for you to choose from.