How To Pick The Perfect Blouses For Different Occasions- One Saree And Different Blouses

One Saree And Many Blouses

Clothes are one of the necessary rights of humans. Children learn in classes that clothes are the shields of the body to protect us from the dirt, cold, etc. What schools and teachers don’t teach children is fashion and styling. Of course it is not considered an important or significant thing in life.

In the permanent fashion world, trends are continuously fluctuating. At times, bell-bottom pants were trending amongst youngsters. At other times, scarfed tops were trending. At certain times, shirts for females were in trend. But the only dress which remains trendy at any given time is silk sarees.

A Short History About Sarees

A saree is a three-piece dress. It consists of a blouse to cover the chest, a saree to drape over the wearer, and a petticoat to tuck the saree in. Silk sarees are a common dress in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The fashion in which females wear saree in different countries is different, but the three components remain the same. A saree always has three pieces, no matter which country it is.

about saree

The earliest form of saree-wearing is from the Indus Valley Civilization. The sculptures and scriptures found depict that the females of that period used to wear a dress similar to the modern-day saree. By the time Mughals entered India, the saree was a traditional dress worn by all females, whether belonging to the elite class or lower class. The Mughal females wore salwar-kameez while the Rajputana females wore tightly stitched sarees and blouses. The clothes of females were a common way to distinguish their religions.

Gyananadini Devi, the sister-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore, was the first woman who devised the modern-day saree blouse design. During her time, Bengali females wore the saree without any blouse and petticoat. They just wore a saree that would wrap their entire bodies. The British bodyguards denied her entry when she tried to enter an English club while wearing just the saree. They said that her attire was improper, so she invented the modern-day blouse design and petticoat.

With cinema entering everyone's lives, females got to know about the three-piece saree. It became a trend thanks to actresses and heroines. During 1940-50, long-sleeved blouses were trending. As time passed, blouses started to take different forms. Wearers and designers used their imagination to create various types of blouses to suit all designer saree.

Latest Saree Blouse Designs

Saree blouse design has taken various forms with the passing time. It has evolved just the way silk sarees have. With so much variety to choose from, the wearer must ensure that the blouse design selected must be suitable for the event. There are various types of blouses available in the market these days. Some of them are backless blouses for summer seasons, halter-neck blouses to suit any event, boat-neck blouses to support heavy embroidery, high-neck blouses for ladies with long and slender necks, collared-neck blouses to give a classy vibe, Knot blouses to provide a stylish look from behind, tube blouses for a bold look, asymmetrical blouses for a unique yet trendy look, and off-shoulder blouses to flaunt those shoulders.

Latest Saree Blouse Designs

Wearers should ensure that the blouse they choose for their silk sarees goes with the occasion and the saree. Wearing a saree blouse design that does not suit the event or the saree will make the wearer a cause of laughter amongst all. There are some points which can help the wearers choose the right blouse.

Wearers can consider the following points to ensure that they choose the correct saree blouse design for their saree:

  • The fit and cut of the blouse

As mentioned above, there are many types of saree blouse design. The wearer should examine the fit and cut of the blouse carefully to decide whether to wear it or not. Wearing a blouse of the wrong fit will make the wearer uncomfortable and cautious. While wearing the correct blouse will boost the confidence of the wearer and enhance their personality. The wearer should also ensure that the length of the blouse is suitable for them.

Most wearers buy readymade blouses as there is less hassle. Though buying readymade blouses is time-saving and takes less money, the wearer should check the measurements properly and wear them before buying them. Ordering a readymade blouse online can be a risky game as well. Check the measurement chart carefully before ordering it. Otherwise, the wearer can always go for a tailored blouse.

  • The body type and comfort level

The wearer should ensure that the saree and the saree blouse design should suit their body type. For example, a person with long necks should go for high-neck blouses to enhance their necks. A person with toned arms should buy a sleeveless blouse, and so on. Similarly, the comfort level is also important. A wearer should not wear small blouses just because they are trending, even though the wearer feels uncomfortable.

  • The saree blouse design should match the saree

Wearing a saree blouse design that does not compliment the nature of the saree worn is a dumb decision. The saree and the blouse should have a connection between them, and this does not mean just the color. Other than the color of the silk sarees and the blouse, many other factors need to be matched. The style, texture, embroidery, season, and fabric of the saree should match the blouse. If the embroidery and the blouse designs are different, the wearer will look funny and weird.

saree blouse design should match the saree

The weaving done on the blouse should go with the work done on the saree. For example, a Banarasi brocade blouse will suit a designer saree. The colour of the blouse and the saree should also match or be similar. For a light-colored saree, choose a light-colored blouse, and for a dark-colored saree, choose a dark-colored blouse. However, there can also be a contrast between the colours of the two to give a trending look.

  • First comfort, then trend

The wearers should not follow any trends blindly. Just because backless saree blouse design or high-neck blouse design are trending does not mean that everyone should wear them. Wearers should go with specific trends only if they follow the body patterns of their bodies. They should not look clumsy or vulgar in an attempt to look trendy. Comfort comes first, and trends come second.

Wearing a deep-neck blouse on a first date or any meeting is not suitable. If the wearer has to wear the designer saree for the whole day, or maybe at their job, their comfort must be the priority. If the wearer wears something in trend at the cost of their comfort, they will spoil the look with low confidence and self-consciousness. Instead of spending the whole day in an uncomfortable look, it is better to spend the whole day in a simple yet comfortable look. Comfort must be the top priority.

  • Keep the variety

Wearers should ensure that they must not buy only a specific type of saree blouse design. There should be a variety in their blouses. For example, if off-shoulder blouses are trending, the wearers should avoid buying only off-shoulder blouses. This will be a waste of time and effort. There should be a variety of blouses in the wardrobes.

It may be possible that the wearer may not be comfortable wearing off-shoulder blouses at certain events or occasions, and this will spoil their look completely. The same rule goes for handmade saree blouse design. Stitching only heavily embroidered blouses or knot blouses may have no harm in the present, but if the wearer cannot wear any of these for a certain event, it will be a waste. The wearer should have enough variety of blouses to wear in different functions. Otherwise, choosing the correct blouse will become a headache.

  • Sleeves

Various types of sleeves come with various saree blouse design. Some of the blouses are full-sleeved, half-sleeved, elbow-length, sleeveless, off-shoulders, cap sleeves, puffed sleeves, butterfly sleeves, flutter sleeves, and so on. Different types of sleeves suit different types of hands and arms. If the wearer has toned arms, they can go for sleeveless or off-shoulder blouses. But if the wearer is a little conscious about their arms, they can go for full-sleeved or cape sleeves.

After reading all this, it is clear that the variety in the world of blouses is endless. However, certain colors and designs will suit any designer saree. For example, a black saree blouse design with a light silver lining will suit almost all colors and can be worn on any occasion. Colors like black, golden, silver, and white can go along with any saree, so saree-enthusiasts can buy one or two blouses of each color for any emergency case. The back and neck of the blouses should also be kept in mind.

The readers must be aware by now that silk sarees are not just simple three-piece dresses. They are more than that. Sarees are a crucial part of women's dressing history. The trends and designs of sarees and blouses have evolved over many eras, and each period has its unique taste and flavor. The dressing factor of periods has helped in shaping modern trends and fashion.

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