How to Select Indian Ethnic Dress for Independence Day 2021

Indian independence is a national festival. It has a unique history and heritage of its own. It is not just a historical account of India’s battle for freedom. But, it in fact epitomizes the courage and valor of Indian heroes and the brave freedom fighters. After a couple of days, the entire country enters into its 75th year of independence and from roads and buildings to offices and educational institutions, every place is gearing up for the grand celebrations like every other year.

It is quite certain that you too might be getting ready to pay tribute and homage to the martyrs of the motherland. While you sit down to decide the Independence Day dress, it is highly imperative to remember that 15th August is quite different from every other celebration. So, it is essential that your attire must complement the mood and spirit of the day.

Check Out Some Of The Tips That Will Help You Dress For The Independence Day

Go for the Whites

white salwar kameez dress for independence day

Adding orange and green colour to your ensemble will look utterly perfect, but you want to go monotone, you may go ahead with all whites salwar kameez or kurta as your Independence Day ethnic wear. At the same time, you can also try pairing the whites with an orange or green dupatta or even footwears and bottoms to give a beautiful tri-colour touch to your outfit.

Go for Mix-n-Match

white kurta dress for independence day

When it comes to dressing up in tricolor, there is a variety of options for both men and women independence day dress up. Girls can wear tricolored salwar kameez. The kurta, churidar, and dupatta would represent the three colors of our national flag. And, a simple white kurta teamed up with an orange or green Bandhgala will be the perfect option for men. Keeping white as the primary color option, men can play around with green, red, and even saffron colour.

Dazzling Saree

Have you ever thought of wearimg saree on the Independence Day? Well, independence day saree is another great outfit that you can choose to wear. There is absolutely nothing like wearing the quintessential Indian saree on Independence Day. If you decide to wear saree, you can opt for a simple white saree with tricolor prints and geometric designs or abstract patterns. You can choose the ones with classic tricolor embroidery and commemorate the day in its true spirit.

white saree

The way Indian sari brings out the femininity of a woman no other contemporary outfit can possibly do the same. If you go for a beautiful leheriya sari on Independence Day, it would make you look and feel like a fashion-pro and Indian at heart. A leheriya is normally available in a huge variety of colour combinations. You can find a saffron and green or green and saffron sari. And, wear the blouse having the third colour in the flag. Do not forget to put your bindi. This would make you look a complete patriotic in heart and spirit.

Eye-Catchy Color Block

To showcase the Independence Day in spirit, beautiful, thoughtful and easiest way to show off the tricolour. You can wear shades of the Indian flag as your indian independence day dress and it will certainly make you look in-sync with the patriotic fever. You may pick a green churidar and pair it up with a plain white kurta having self-embroidery. Additionally, you can accentuate the look by wearing a saffron dupatta. Let your dupatta flare across your body. This will get you better and much larger visibility. And, it’s an ideal combination that can never go wrong and will look very appealing and awesome on you.

A classy and understated way to carry the Independence Day look is to wear a tricolour dupatta. A beautiful leheriya dupatta that has a mix of saffron, white and green prints on it will make a fantastic, colourful and memorable option for the special day. And, if you decide to wear a tiranga dupatta, make sure your kurta is white and plain without any colour blocks on it. This will serve as a fantastic stylish twist. White kurta with churidar, topped with a leheriya tricoloured dupatta looks quite pretty and elegant.

The Bangle Beauty

Fashion accessories are a wonderful subtle statement on Independence Day. Bangles are considered to be a beautiful thing to express your love for the tricolour. Further, they are a symbol of femininity and symbolic of Indian culture. You can choose to wear a set of saffron, green and white bangles with white kurti separating them appropriately. This will make you look quite traditional yet glamorous.

Pick Silver Jewelry to Ace Your Attire

Going for a complete saffron look can be a tricky affair. Instead, you can opt for some statement silver jewellery pieces. This can be the best way to complement your ethnic wear look. You can select from a traditional pair of earrings like the kundan or khuntee earrings. You can also go for a floral fusion nose pins. They will surely enhance your glam factor instantly.

Independence Day is almost here and there are a host of competitions around this time. This year we will be celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day and the celebrations just feel that much more special. With everyone gearing up for celebrations in their own way, it is time to make preparations for your independence day special dress.

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So, get your shopping bags ready, it is time to get your perfect attire for a special occasion and celebrate the national day in true patriotic spirit.