How to Choose the Perfect Designer Lehenga for Indian Weddings

Indian wedding is popular because it has many different memorable functions. It starts from the engagement and goes on to the wedding reception party. A wedding is the most auspicious occasion in every girl's life, a time of her life where she wishes to look stunning at any cost. The perfect outfit for the bride is Indian Lehenga with flawless makeup. There are various Lehenga designs available on the online stores for you to choose from for your special day.

7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Designer Lehenga Choli

Choosing a perfect designer lehenga choli is a difficult task. Below mentioned are a few tips which may be helpful while picking your favorite lehenga for the different functions held during the wedding.

1. You Must Select Your Designer lehenga Outfit Yourself

designer lehenga choli for wedding
According to the rituals, the groom’s family gifts the wedding dress to the bride. So if you are not in the same city the best thing you can do is to choose designer lehenga choli by online shopping.

If you are thinking to choose your dream lehenga by visiting a store, you must think again because going to the store will be a tedious process. It would be better to check Bridal lehenga online because wedding shopping needs much attention in buying proper land the most suitable lehenga. You will get a wide range of options on online stores to pick the right one for you.

2. You Must Identify Your Body Type

Designer sleeveless yellow lehenga choli
This is one of the most crucial steps in finding the perfect designer lehenga choli. Identifying and understanding your body type is essential to look great on your D-day. It is so because each body type has its flaws and strengths that different lehenga and saree types complement and accentuate.

According to the fashion experts, A-line lehenga skirts are better suited for pear-shaped women and a petite woman would look great in lehengas with clean cuts and smaller embroidery. Finding out your body type can also help you determine the best draping style for your choli. And, the colors that will suit you best. Similarly, blouse styles only complement specific body types. So, you must take a note of the body type while choosing your lehenga.

3. You Must Pay Equal Attention To Your Designer Lehenga Blouse And Dupatta

While doing wedding shopping, girls pay more attention to designer lehengas. However, your blouse and dupatta also need equal attention. This is because most of the time photographer captures waist up photos that cover your blouse and dupatta.

red designer bridal lehenga choli

It is important that the lehenga style, accessories, blouse and dupatta, each component should meet up wonderfully. While the lehenga and blouse might be looking perfect, a ton of times the dupatta available with the set isn’t substantial. You may require an all-around adorned dupatta for covering your head during the wedding rituals. You can purchase a designer dupatta that complements your Lehenga.

4. You Must Identify The Colors That Suit Your Skin Color

choose the color of your lehenga

Many designers and brides have experimented with the Bridal Lehenga choli design. According to the type of your body shape and skin color, you must choose the color of your lehenga. For example, olive color suits warm skin tones more than it does with pale skin tone. And, dark shades complement curvy women more than slim body types. There are certain shades that suit all skin tones like light blush pinks, peach, yellow, teal with blues and greens, and cream-white.

5. You Must Take the Fabric into Consideration

georgette fabric lehenga choli

The fabric of your Designer lehenga choli decides how comfortable you will be on the day of your wedding. It can make or break your entire look. Hence, it is an important choice, and a lot goes into it. When it comes to choosing a fabric, the choices are endless. You can choose amongst fabrics such as silk, net, georgette, raw silk, and several other materials. While selecting the lehenga fabric, you must consider weather conditions, body type, preference, and budget.

6. You Must Check the Fit of Your Lehenga

In most cases, we buy wedding attires months before the actual day. So, it is possible that during the actual wedding, you may need alterations for your lehenga. For the perfect look, it is important that your dress needs to fit you well in all the right places and hide the problem areas. This is the reason why no matter how many trials and fittings you need to do, it is better to deal with the hassle than wearing a lehenga with a poor fit.

7. You Must Look For the Necessary Add-Ons

heavy embroidery work lehenga choli

As you might have noticed, many lehenga choli designs for weddings have heavy embroidery work and look extremely beautiful. But, sometimes, the dupatta is not as impressive as the lehenga skirt and the blouse. So, you may need to buy a separate dupatta altogether. This may even happen if you are not buying a complete set and instead are piecing up the outfit yourself.

Buy Designer Lehenga Online USA

Now that you know the tips about choosing your lehenga, the next question comes where to purchase the designer lehenga from for your special day? You can choose some of the well-known online stores to buy your Designer lehenga choli in the USA. There are websites such as Dresstive which offers a plethora of designer lehenga options. The best part about online stores is that you can look at a wide range of lehengas without any hassle and then select your favorite one. So, it is definitely the best option for shopping, especially for weddings, because you need to purchase a lot of outfits for the different functions of your wedding.

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