12 Best Types Of Lehenga Choli For This Summer 2021

The hassle of going through a summer time wedding function wearing heavy clothes and jewelry is now a thing of the past. Modern fashion has been good to women, and the latest lehenga choli designs bring many options for looking chic yet staying comfortable this summer. 

The Best Styles to Look Out For Are:

1. Pastel Colored Lehenga Choli

Pastel Colored Lehenga Choli

    Gone are the days when deep, rich colours like maroon and magenta were preferred in a lehenga choli for weddings and other ceremonial occasions. These traditional colours still hold a special place, of course, but their popularity has gone down significantly in recent times. Pastel colours in ethnic wear have replaced a large portion of their demand. Especially for the summer season, lehenga cholis in pastel colours are a big hit for weddings and ceremonies.

    Not only the wedding guests but the summer brides are also embracing pastel shades like light pink, lavender, lilac, peach, powder blue, ice blue, mint green, moss green, light grey, and many more. From high-end designers to local boutiques, a pastel lehenga choli is what everyone recommends for giving a summer wedding the perfect fairytale effect.

    2. Floral Lehenga Choli 

    Floral Lehenga Choli

    Floral prints have been a major part of casual ethnic wear forever there are countless patterns for floral printed designs out there. For a long time, the only floral patterns commonly seen on lehenga choli sets were embroidered or created with embellishments. While those are still popular, the latest trend is floral prints on lehenga choli sets.

    Displayed upon lightweight fabrics like organza and art silk, these printed florals have become a favorite go-to style for wedding guests and brides alike. High-end designers and celebrities have truly embraced this style in the past decade, and now it has gained popularity among the masses too. A beautiful floral print makes one look lively and refreshing, making it the perfect look for a summer day.

    3. Soft Net Lehenga Choli

    Soft Net Lehenga Choli

    Even when they feature heavy thread work embroidery, or embellishments with beads, stones, and sequins, soft net lehengas do not weigh as much as their other heavy bridal lehenga alternatives. The flared ball gown-like silhouette of a soft net lehenga choli will make anyone channel their inner princess and make them look the part as well. 

    Since there are various options with as much or as little embellishments as the wearer wishes for, soft net lehengas are for everyone. Women of all age groups and body types can wear soft-net lehenga cholis and achieve an alluring look. A lehenga choli in this light fabric in a pastel shade is the best kind of outfit for a summer wedding this year.

     4. Organza Lehenga Choli

     Organza Lehenga Choli

    The flowy, lustrous, and breathable organza fabric is bound to make you look like a dream. There is hardly a better fabric to complement a summer fairytale look. A lehenga crafted from organza showcases all of its best features the lehenga is flared, lustrous, and lightweight, and makes the wearer look almost like they are gliding as they walk. A complete heavenly look.

    Organza is a very romantic fabric and works just as well for bridal lehenga cholis as it does for the wedding guests' outfits. Floral prints, light zari work or thread embroidery and minimal embellishments work best on organza lehengas.

     5. Georgette Lehenga Choli

    Georgette Lehenga Choli

    The georgette fabric is known for the flattering way that it drapes. This sheer fabric has a fluidity and grace that works perfectly for a striking lehenga choli look. Georgette lehenga choli sets come in various degrees of ornamentation; however, the ones with lightweight work are the ideal summer pick. 

     For a summer wedding, a mirror work or foil work lehenga choli in a sheer georgette fabric results in an effortlessly magnificent semblance. Especially in pastel or vibrant summer colours like yellow and orange. Another kind of embroidery that works well for summer georgette lehenga choli sets is thread work. It is lightweight yet gives a full, exquisite look.

    6. Lehenga Choli in Bright Colours

     Lehenga Choli in Bright Colours

    With the trend of rejecting traditional deep colours in favor of lighter and more vibrant shades, it is not only the pastel tones that have gained popularity. Like the pastels, vibrant summer colours like bright yellow, orange, and blue are expected to be a big hit this summer.  

    Especially for the Haldi function, the most in-vogue practise these days is to wear a yellow lehenga choli. Other colours and combinations thereof like orange, blue, green, and prink in bright shades are also a welcome trend. Whether it is in the form of printed patterns or solid coloured outfits, these colours portray the summer spirit in a fun package. 

    7. Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

    Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

    The luminous patterns created using thousands of small mirrors on a lehenga choli are truly a sight to behold. These ornate designs are considerably lightweight despite their heavily decorative semblance. A mirror work lehenga choli is the perfect option for those who want just a heavy look and not the weight that typically accompanies it.  

    Mirror work, featured on light fabrics like chiffon and georgette, is an excellent idea for a decorative look to wear for a summer wedding. The whole look is equally sophisticated and pretty and can make one stand out in a crowd. So, if shining through the crowd is the goal, a mirror work lehenga choli set is a perfect choice.

     8. Foil Work Lehenga Choli

    Foil Work Lehenga Choli

    Foil work provides a similar appearance to mirror work but is even lighter in weight, and the look it presents is slightly more subdued as a foil is not as reflective as mirrors. However, the other properties remain the same, and the style is just as popular as mirror work is. 

    9. Printed Lehenga Choli

    Printed Lehenga Choli

    A printed design features an element appearing repeatedly this element can be a floral design. Prints consist of various kinds of recurring shapes and colours. They have been featured on ethnic garments for a while now, and recently, prints have started to be seen on lehenga cholis too. These printed patterns on lehenga choli sets showcase an excellent combination of contemporary style and traditional design. 

    Women wearing motif printed lehenga choli sets can be seen at all kinds of functions and ceremonies. For functions on a small scale or a wedding in the family, a contemporary, colorful motif print featured on a light fabric like art silk or even a cotton blend can prove to be perfect with the right accessories.

     10. Chiffon Lehenga Choli

    Chiffon Lehenga Choli

    Chiffon is perhaps the most elegant of all the light and sheer fabrics. Having chiffon as the fabric can add the right touch of class to even a fun, brightly-coloured lehenga. Since the fabric is sheer and flows perfectly, it is a great choice for a flared lehenga because of its airy and sheer nature; the lehenga will remain light and breathable despite an elaborate flare. 

    These properties make a chiffon lehenga the right combination of sophisticated and pretty, in turn making it the right choice for summer weddings, whether the wearer is a wedding guest or the bride herself. 

     11. Lehenga Choli With Quirky Prints

    Lehenga Choli With Quirky Prints

    Contemporary chic fashion is all about quirky patterns and breaking out of traditional confines. The trend is a total contrast to the traditional wedding lehengas that come in heavy fabrics or feature heavy embellishments. Lehenga choli sets in light fabrics like art silk and organza featuring out of the common, modern patterns of print.

    These lehenga choli sets look incredible with their vibrant colour combinations and out of the box patterns. This has made them incredibly popular among the new-age modern women who prefer quirky over traditional. These prints can feature anything and everything from animals to abstract shapes and designs, ensuring the scope of countless possible patterns. These lehenga choli sets will give their wearers a distinctive appearance, making their look a memorable one for all the other guests.

     12. Ikat Lehenga Choli

    Ikat Lehenga Choli

    Ikat is a dyeing technique wherein the yarn is dyed before it is woven into a fabric. The weavers then turn this yarn into fabric displaying intricate patterns that commonly show a little blurriness. These designs feature multiple colours, and the result is beautiful, colorful patterns that are distinctive and striking. 

    The ikat technique is ancient. However, this pattern featured on lehenga choli sets is currently in trend. Not only proper ikat fabrics but imitations of the resulting patterns are also used as prints over lehengas made of other fabrics that are comparatively more affordable than handlooms. Whichever way one goes, the resulting look is beautiful and perfect for wearing to functions this summer.

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