12 Different Ways to Style Designer Sarees To Look Chic

Designer Sarees are a popular women’s ethnic wear. It can add grace and elegance to anyone’s appearance. There is a huge variety of designer sarees. It is considered as an ethnic garb for every occasion or simply an embodiment of elegance.

As mentioned above, there are various types of designer sarees and you can wear these sarees for a range of occasions. Designer sarees can be worn in different styles. You can try out various styles to become a head turner at any event.

Types of Designer Sarees and Ways to Style The Sarees

Types of Designer Sarees

Saree is undoubtedly one of the most traditional Indian wears. To define it, saree is a simple piece of clothing. It is a one-piece much like a sheet wrapped gracefully around your body in a strategic pattern that brings out the ethnic side in you. Be it a religious gathering or a bustling wedding eve, sarees have been an attraction to women from all age groups.

Check out the different Indian designer saree styles below:

Designer Saree is one of the best choices for a party or a special occasion. You can purchase such sarees from some of the popular online stores. Below mentioned are some of the designer sarees that you must give a try for your special events.

Pant style saree

You can replace your petticoat with a pant and drape your saree around it. Pant style saree is modish, looks great and is super comfortable to carry. To embrace a modernized version of saree, you can pair it up with a cape. It is one of the easiest ways to glam up an otherwise basic saree without experimenting with the draping style. The front pallu style is back in trend .It adds a dash of edginess, you can team your saree with a high-neck blouse!

Belt style saree

pant style saree
Belted sarees are also raging big time and apart from being a big fashion trend that accentuates your figure, it is also one of the best hacks to keep the saree intact. According to the eminent fashion designers, belt style saree is one of the latest designer sarees worn especially by the younger age women. It can be worn in simple drapes.

Saree over the sharara pants

You can even take your saree style quotient a notch above by draping it over sharara pants. Also, don't miss out on noticing that one-shoulder blouse look with sharara pants. It is a high fashion style statement and very much in demand these days. You can go for such designer sarees for wedding. You can take a matching dupatta and set it as a veil on your head. This will add an extra dose of drama to your saree look.

Ruffled Saree

designer ruffle sarees
Right from pre-stitched sarees to the ones with ruffle details and asymmetrical hems, sarees have unquestionably got a major twist. And, it is high time that you give them a try. You may find a variety of such online shopping designer ruffle sarees.

Dotted Type Saree

This is an innovative print for a saree. It comes with a white base and soft traditional patterns which forms the body pattern for the saree. Such designer sarees would resemble a densely dotted pattern and on closer look, the ethnic patterns will open up to a whole new innovative look.

Heavenly White Saree

white designer sarees
White is one of the most soothing hues to be worn as a designer saree. It can portray suitableness mixed in with elegant vibes. You may find white designer sarees for wedding party embossed in floral pattern. It offers a great look for a classy evening. And, you can rock this look with loose open locks and a glimmering golden neckpiece.

Subtle In Peach Saree

To go for a down to earth look, you opt for this saree. It has a soft baby peach colour tone that looks marvellously sober. The borderline of the saree sports a beautiful flowery outline that is embellished to add an exciting appeal to the saree. This type of saree is a good option for formal office parties or social gatherings. You can purchase it from best site to buy sarees online in usa.

Metallic Sheens

Metallic colour designer sarees are in trend. It looks incredible when paired with dull tones. Instead of the patterned blouse, you can opt for stylish blouses in grey or teal blue. The gold metallic shade here looks brilliant. It can be beautifully paired with black as the dual colour.

Scribbled In Monochrome

Monochrone saree
What brings life to the monochrome designer saree is the highlighted design pattern that is quite unique in style. It is also a classic example of modern art matched in B&W colours. You may find the base of this designer saree is an off white satin with black scribbling scattered all over. It looks like splattered paint on a white canvas. It is a highly elegant choice of designer saree.

Two pieced Glamour

This type of designer saree can be availed in one piece or with the latest innovations. It can even be a two-piece saree where the base or body of the saree conforms to one colour. And, the other part, the pallu or the draping belongs to some other. The base can be soft pink with transparent draping and a georgette embellished border line. This type of hues adds vibrancy to the look.

Black and Gold Saree

Black and gold are known to be a striking combo. It makes heads turn as the contrast between the two make your heart melt. A blessing to this designer saree would be the golden bits glittering in sparkles. It can be worn for a range of occasions.

Saree with Lace

lace saree
This type of saree is yet another masterpiece from the latest designer sarees collection. It can adorn your wardrobe and come out right during the party season. If going traditional in a modern way, you can earn extra points by opting for saree with lace. You can opt for vibrant baby pink and black borderlines, thus, adding interest to the lace filled look. The use of small monochrome checks in such sarees around the borderline simply brings out the elegant and graceful look.

Buy Designer Saree From Online Stores

Designer Sarees are worn on all kinds of parties and festivals. If you wish to wear such sarees, you can purchase it from some of the reputed online clothing stores. On online stores, you will find a wide range of sarees to choose from according to your suitability. So, what are you waiting for, start shopping from your favorite online store to purchase best quality sarees at affordable rates.