10 Latest Eid Fashion 2021 Outfit Ideas For Girls

The Holy month of Ramadan is yet to begin, but people have already started gearing up for a month of prayers, fasting, and iftar parties. With Eid just around the corner, there is bound to be another thought at the top of our minds. With the numerous iftar parties to attend and the grand celebration of the Eid-ul-Fitr, everyone needs to choose a bunch of trendy yet traditional Eid outfits to ensure they step out in glory. 

Latest Ethnic Eid Fashion Dress for Women

Eid is the biggest occasion where people buy clothes of the latest designs. Women put together a few Insta-ready outfits at least weeks prior to the actual festival. 

Mostly, girls like to wear dresses with embroidery work on them. Motif work and lacework are also preferred by many. Traditional attires and Ethnic fashion are on a high during this festival. 

Clothes have been one of the priorities for women during any festivity. 

However, before going ahead and finding out the right attire for one's Eid celebrations, here are a few points that one has to keep in mind: 

  • The Holy month of Ramadan is going to be hot and humid this year. So, one has to ensure the outfits are light and breathable. Choosing fabrics like lawn or cotton are very important. 
  • Comfort has to be the primary criteria of any outfit. Fasting during the summers is not an easy task, and people would not want their clothes to make it more difficult.
  • Irrespective of how beautiful a dress is, one should never forget the right accessories to go with the dress.
  • Going for softer color palettes would ensure that the wearer looks fresh throughout the day. 
  • Lastly, one must not restrict oneself to any particular style. People celebrating Eid have an entire month of festivities around and do not be afraid of experimenting with new looks. One should try to figure out what works best for your body. 

Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 Eid outfit ideas ranging from Pakistani wear to palazzo suit:

 1. Gold Printed Dress

Any base colour will become immensely alluring with a tinge of gold. Eid would be the perfect occasion to try out a golden printed dress with any base colour. Be it sharara suits, or a long flared dress, that splash of Golden can elevate an ensemble to greater heights. Adding to that, a pair of golden jhumkas can create an exquisite look for the wearer. If one feels confident, one can even pull off an all-Gold outfit to seal that show stopper look. 

2. Asymmetric Patterned kurta

Asymmetric patterns offer a unique and trendy variation of kurtas. You can choose an asymmetric kurta with floral applique work or a hint of golden embroidery. The beauty of this dress lies in the creativity that it allows you in its length, volume, and the shape and size of the sleeves. Low high kurtas can also be an excellent choice for Eid. Couple the unique designs with a simple churidar to ensure that the top is highlighted. Add to that your treasured pair of chandelier earrings or jhumkas, and you can create one amazing eid outfit.

3. Kurta

Indian summers can be really harsh. It would be the best choice to pick a light-colored and soft dress for an Eid ensemble. Kurtas can give the comfort that one looks for without sacrificing beauty and style. A pleated cotton kurta or one with buttons might as well be called mainstream, but they can definitely turn out to be elegant and novel choices.

With decent and simple kurtas, the accessories play a huge role in creating contrast. So, to complete the perfect Eid look, one can accessorize their look with Jhumkas, tikka, or any other piece of catchy jewelry. For an even trendier look, you can wear your kurta with your favorite pair of jeans. After all, Eid is the perfect excuse to dress-up. 

 4. Indo Western Gown

Talking about comfort, an Indo Western Gown can be one of the go-to choices. The hot and humid summers during Eid would definitely demand a flowy and loose gown. Coupled with minimal accessories, Gowns can help steal the show. Not only are they comfortable and airy, but they also allow one to add a bit of traditional flavor to an otherwise western attire. Traditional embroidery on a gown leaves a stunning look, which might turn out perfect for this Eid. 

5. Angrakha

The word literally means "protection of the body". Angrakha has been a traditional court outfit worn by both males and females alike. The traditional Angrakha used to be a flexible piece of cloth that a person wrapped around him/herself; it included ties and knots. Now, it implies an outfit that is somewhat similar to a kameez. 

It not only offers a traditional look but also adds in comfort needed in the Indian summers. There are many unique designs for an Angrakha, which are popular in the subcontinent. Bright colors, patterns, and intricate embroidery can elevate this attire to new heights. So, pick up your favorite design as it can be a great addition to one's Eid wardrobe. 

6. Sharara Suits

Said to be introduced during the Mughal Dynasty, this traditional sharara outfit has made a comeback, and how! Sharara is a traditional pair of loosely-fitted, wide-legged, and flared trousers worn with a plain or designer Kurti. The ensemble is completed with a dupatta. It is somewhat similar to the modern-day palazzo suit, but a sharara suit has intricate beadwork, zari, or stones embedded. 

On the other hand, Palazzos are wide-legged, roomy, and comfortable trousers worn with a kurta. They are appreciated by women of all ages, as they are light, charming, and versatile. 

7. Gharara Suit

A Gharara can be thought of as a distant cousin of the sharara. While a sharara is a loosely fitted trouser, the gharara is fitted from the waist to the knees. A thick silver or gold lace is placed right above the knees where the cloth can be gathered or ruched. This results in a flare that is extended up to the toes. 

A gharara can be worn with a shorter kurti and a dupatta. It also has intricate zari, stones, or beadwork like the sharara. Both the sharara and the gharara have taken the ethnic fashion by a storm and can easily make their way to one's Eid wardrobe. 

8. Churidar and Anarkali

The humble churidar has been one of the popular ethnic outfits and is really versatile. It is basically a tight-fitted pair of trousers that can be coupled with a kurta, Anarkali, or a kameez. The churidar is made tight-fitted to reveal the contours of a woman's legs and usually ends at above the feet. The excess length can be folded at the angles, and the folds resemble bangles, hence the name. 

An Anarkali Suit is essentially a long kurta or dress, which has a flowy silhouette till the end. They have been around since the Mughal ages and have been one of the most iconic Eid dresses. Coupled with a churidar, the Anarkali goes really well on all body types and is a perfect dress to show off the figure for slim women. 

9. Sarees

This is the most recognized and loved Indian outfit in the world. They bring poise and beauty to all women who dress-up in a saree. Irrespective of the occasion, a saree can add a fair share of glam to all your photos. With Eid around the corner, women can always go for a saree. A silk saree with an elegant blouse would be apt for any occasion, be it an Iftar party or a late evening party. 

10. Lehenga

Undoubtedly, the lehenga is one of the most popular Eid outfits preferred by young women. A lehenga can be best described as a flared ankle-length skirt. Lehengas are usually quite heavy, as they are adorned with patterns and styles of traditional embroidery. It is coupled with the choli, which is a short blouse that leaves a bit of the midriff exposed. A dupatta completes the ensemble. Usually accessorized with a lot of jewelry, the lehenga can also be worn with minimal accessories and still look stunning. 

A single swirl of the lehenga and the dupatta is all it takes to create that perfect boomerang video for Instagram. The elegance and beauty of a lehenga cannot be matched. 

While the list is endless, these are a few of the most popular options among women of every age. The colour combination, coupled with the right accessories, can make or break an Eid look. One can never go wrong with colours like white, red, blue, or green. Eid is a perfect excuse for adding a dash of colour to a wardrobe too. So, do not shy away from buying those colourful dresses that you have been longing to wear for so long. 

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